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  • 1st July
  • 01

Daily Reflections 1/7/2012

Today was a bit of an eyeopener for me. I’ve started the 50 day binge free challenge which has been good. I’ve been conscious about the foods that I’ve decided to put in my body instead of mindlessly eating. I didn’t really do any vigerous form of exercise today, although I did walk to the mall to do my grocery shopping, so I’ve been on the move practically all day. I’ve had a large mug of green tea, and I’m working on my second one for the day which I’m happy about!!  I really feel like this is the start of something good, I just have to stick with it.

Hope you’re all having a fabulous day/evening/night! <3

Food Log


1 large flatwhite (low fat milk) and 1 weight watches strawberry and white chocolate muffin


600ml of water and 1 tuna and avocado sushi roll (I hated that it was made with white rice, as I’ve converted to solely brown these days)


Cup of noodles (should have made a better choice here. No excuses)


Handful of cherries, cheese dip snack, a carrot stick


600ml water
1L of green tea! (so proud that I managed to get a litre in today!)


Nothing structured gym wise, but I walked to the mall.

  • 5th November
  • 05

Daily Reflections Day Seven


Breakfast: 2 pieces of wholegrain toast with vegemite and olive oil table spread.

Snack: Iced tea (Turkish Apple from T2 YUM!) 1 glass of milo with lite milk

Lunch: 1 serving of spinach and cheese pasta with tomato pasta sauce and cheese.

Snack: 1 packet of potato stix, vege chips, 

Dinner: TBA

Snack: TBA


5 mins of Yoga. Light stretching. Need to get back to doing more exercise! Gonna hit the gym tomorrow! 

  • 4th November
  • 04

Daily Reflection Day Six - Feeling a bit down today…

I can’t shake this negativity I’m feeling. I’m normally quite a chipper person, but today, I’ve felt really, well.. crap, for want of a better word. I haven’t done anything out of the ordinary to warrant such feelings, but alas, I am feeling down. I didn’t binge or eat anything crazily unhealthy (when I do, I usually feel this way) so I dunno why. 

Oh, I guess it could be due to the fact that I walked into Lorna Jane and was admiring the super expensive but amazing workout clothes, surrounded by super skinny girls trying on outfits and looking spectacular in them. I guess feeling like the fattest one there may have sparked the whole downward spiral of negativity that I’m feeling.

Gotta shake it! I don’t like feeling so down, especially when I’ve made a good start to a healthier lifestyle. It would be different if I hadn’t made the change and still felt out of place in the fitness store. I have to remind myself that this change isn’t a quick fix and I won’t suddenly be a size 8. I have started, I have committed to a healthier way of living which incorporates eating well and daily physical activity so I can’t do anything more than that. Rome wasn’t built in a day! 

I’m starting to feel better already. I think I just needed to reaffirm those notions. Yes, you are overweight now, but you are trying to make a difference to that. *nods* Okay. I feel better. I think I just need to breathe and repeat some of these to myself for a while. No sense getting upset over something that I’ve already accepted and started to change. 


Breakfast: Up&Go Breakfast Drink

Snack: Large Flat white with skinny milk, two sweet and low’s. 2 Laughing Cows (100 cal)

Lunch: Grill’d burger (no meat) with beetroot, sweet-chilli, herbed mayo, red onion, carrot, relish, lettuce.

Snack: Vege chips (100 cal) 2 Potato stix packets (100 cal)

Dinner: Cereal with lite milk

Dessert: - Nothing

Exercise: 40 mins walk 

  • 3rd November
  • 03

Daily Reflections Day Five

Day Five: 

I can’t believe it’s been five days since I started these little entries. Time flies, that’s for sure. It’s been good though. A chance to reflect on the day, how it’s been and whatnot. I enjoy it anyway, even if no one is reading, lol. Anywho.. On to today’s recount. 

Despite my best efforts to try and do some sort of physical activity, I had a rest day. I did try and do Jillian’s Yoga Meltdown and failed dismally after 5 minutes or something pathetic. My legs and arms are just sooooooo sore from body pump yesterday. I seriously didn’t think they would be so sore. I have to keep at it and build up some more strength! So weak, apparently!

I am going to the gym tomorrow morning though! 8am… I swear my friend wants to kill me. It’s gonna hurt, I know it.  


Breakfast: Up&Go breakfast drink (200 cal)

Snack: potato stix (50 cal), vege chips (100 cal)

Lunch: Small serve of creamy curry with rice. 

Snack: 2 Laughing cow cheese (100 cal)

Dinner: Veggie soup, 2 whole eggs, 2 slices of wholegrain toast, pinch of salt

Dessert: bowl of cereal with a banana, lite milk.

I really could have done without having the cereal, but I went ahead and had it anyway. Sigh. Ah well, it was healthy at least, even if it was eaten later than I should have. 

Water intake: Only 600ml. Need to drink more!

That’s it! Oh, and I created a link on the right hand side of the page for easy access. I may start to create more of those nifty pages in the future. I like em’.

  • 2nd November
  • 02

Daily Reflections Day Four

Woo! What a day. Another really good day! I’m so happy. I thought I’d set out my food & exercise this way instead. Easier to read and keep track!


Breakfast: 2 pieces of multigrain toast with vegemite

Snack: Protein shake

Lunch: Footlong subway on multigrain with double salads (cucumber, capsicum, lettuce and carrot) cheese and mayo & sweet onion sauce. 

Snack: small tub of apricots (100 cal), potato stix (50 cal) and 7 pieces of dried pear, pineapple and mango pieces.

Dinner: leftover veggie soup

Dessert: low cal vanilla yoghurt


1 hour Body Pump

30 mins walk 5.5km/h on treadmill

Walk to and fro the mall (4 kms) (40 mins)

I was quite active today which I love but I’m so sleepy now though. Haha. Not sure what my plans tomorrow are, exercise wise, but hopefully, I’ll do something productive as well as seriously watch what I eat. I could have down without the foot long and only gone with the 6”. Need to strengthen my willpower! I’m loving being vegetarian though. I feel like I have so much more energy, but that could be due to the higher amount of exercise I’m doing! 

  • 1st November
  • 01

Daily Reflections Day Three

Day Three:

What a day! I have had a truly amazing day today! I can’t be happier with my progress on all levels (food, exercise and study). 

I have eaten so clean today! I’m proud of myself. I had a breakfast drink for breakfast (shocker!) and then a protein shake after the gym. For a morning snack I had a oat muesli bar and healthy 50 calories potato stix. Lunch was a spinach, avocado, brie, cucumber and beetroot multigrain roll! (Yum!!) For an afternoon snack I had a mango and then for dinner I had vegetable soup! Dessert was low fat/low sugar 100 cal ice-cream for a low calorie treat (Choc-mint!). So happy about my eating today. I really was conscious not to eat anything unhealthy even though tempetations were present. My skinny best friend had hot chips for lunch, offered me some and I refused! Will power! Love it!

Exercise I did 30 mins on the treadmill running for 1 min, walking for 2. Worked well. I was truly exhausted afterwards! Tomorrow is a Body Pump class! Super “pumped” for that, haha!

Furthermore, I got some study done today as well, I did a load of washing that was meaning to get done at least a week ago (oops), sewed up some clothes that were looking worse for wear (no pun intended) and cleaned up my room. I feel like I have accomplished so much today! I truly feel amazing. I want this feeling to last and I’m going to make it last by making every day in the future just like this one!!


P.S <———  Free to message me anytime. About anything. Seriously. :) Don’t be shy, now.

P.S.S. I apologise for the overuse of exclamation marks and parenthesis. I get excited sometimes… And now I’m sorry about the excessive use of post script. Sowwy!

  • 31st October
  • 31

Daily Reflections Day Two

Day Two: 

Exercise wise, today was a good day. I woke up early and went to the gym with my friend. I smashed out some cardio on the bike and treadmill and then I had class so we had to leave. Tomorrow is set to be the same, so I’m excited about that. Wednesday we’ve decided to do a Body Pump class. It’s gonna hurt, but it’s gonna be awesome!

Food wise not great. I had a sweet-chilli burger with fries and half a chocolate thick shake. Sighhhh. I need to get a control on my willpower! I also had multigrain toast with vegemite and an apple which I’m happy about, but lunch was a major letdown!

I shall try and be good for dinner! Fingers crossed.

I have had quite a lot of water today though, which is a plus!

  • 30th October
  • 30

Daily Reflections Day One

So I have decided to keep a reflection log about how my days go, weight loss and exercise wise so that I can keep myself accountable. Kinda like a food diary but encompassing all aspects of healthy living. I’ll probably get them done before I go to bed so I can reflect on the healthy choices I’ve made or confess to the mistakes I’m bound to make as the days go on. Honesty is the best policy! After all, I’m only lying to myself.

Without further ado, Day One: 

Today wasn’t too bad, food wise. I have made some good decisions regarding food choice so I’m happy about that. I haven’t done any exercise though, so I’m annoyed with myself. Very annoyed actually, because I had time to do some and chose not to! Urgh!

Tomorrow, however, I have a gym date scheduled with a friend so I will stick to that and eat healthy of course. 

I’m about to go to the supermarket to get the week’s groceries and I’m determined to make healthy choices when it comes to shopping. I’m actually about to eat an orange so I’m not hungry when I get there. I’m always so much worse when I’m hungry before shopping. Learning from previous mistakes! Woo!